AVD Graphic Studio 7.1

AVD Graphic Studio, to put it simply, is a mini Photoshop, offering very similar capabilities at a fraction of the cost. It provides over 20 tools to work with images – cropping, resizing, rotating, bump mapping, histogram equalization and many more. AVD Graphic Studio offers both single and batch image processing options.

File Size:  4.1 Mb

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AVD Video Processor 8.3

AVD Video Processor is a simple, yet feature rich tool for capturing snapshots from video files and turn them either into image galleries or animated GIF files. Captured snapshots and animations can add a touch of professionalism to your website or multimedia presentation.

File Size:  1.75 Mb



AVD Mass and Volume Calculator 8.1

AVD Mass and Volume Calculator is the most universal solution for complex mathematical calculations working out weight, volume and mass of a given 3-D object. You can choose the shapes from a wide list of geometrical figures and combine them to create composite objects, including the ones that have apertures.

File Size:  4.1 Mb



Animated GIF producer 5.2

Animated GIF Producer is a quick and remarkably easy-to-use tool for making animations, buttons and banners. You can create an engaging GIF animation from the blend of images, captured video snapshots and multipage files. The program also offers you a wide range of customization options and effects to make your production look and behave the way you want. You can add, process and organize images into a sequence with a point-and-click simplicity.

File Size:  1.55 Mb



TIF FAX Studio 2.1

FAX, TIF, TIFF, PDF, GIF viewer and converter, handy software for viewing, editing, printing, saving, converting. TIF FAX Studio can edit loaded images - extract, move, insert, delete, rotate, flip, invert pages, remove noise, deskewing image, color adjust, add borders.

File Size:  2.6 Mb



Video Snapshot and Thumbnail Maker 1.5.1

Captures movie scenes to picture files or thumbnail galleries.

File Size:  1.36 Mb



AVD FileList 3.3

Collects information about files and sub-folders under the specified folders or drives on your computer and generates listings in your preferred format. You can individually specify your desired information types to include in the list.

File Size:  1 Mb



AVD Photo Frame 1.1.1

Add artistic frames to your favorite images

File Size:  3.3 Mb



AVD Slide Show ( Freeware )

AVD Slide Show is a nice utility you can use to easily view a sequence of images as a slide show, each image being shown for some predetermined time before going on to the next. You just point it to a file in folder, say how long to display each picture, select transition effects and then sit back and watch. If a picture is too large or less for your screen, it is resized to fit keeping the aspect ratio.

File Size:  1.45 Mb



AVD Batch Converter ( Freeware )

AVD Batch Converter allows you to easily convert multiple graphics files.

File Size:  1.2 Mb



Guitar Chords Library ( Freeware )

Software for all guitarists of all levels. Find and play chords and songs; tune the guitar; play MIDI files; find chord notes, and much more.

File Size:  1.2 Mb



007 MP3 Agent 2.2.2 ( Freeware )

Extracts tracks from Audio CD and convert it to MP3 files or WAV files to your hard disk.

File Size:  1 Mb




 Related links 

GSpot - Video codec identification utility - identifies which video codec and audio compression method is used on .avi files, whether the matching codec is installed, and more.

 Features :

  • Determines which video codec an AVI file uses
  • Determines what audio encoding method the file uses
  • Determines what codecs you have installed, and whether you have the one needed
  • Up-to-date database of over 200 codecs, including the latest DivX 5 and XVID systems
  • Shows reported audio bitrate and calculates video bitrate
  • Reports if the file is truncated, and how many bytes are missing. Great for downloaders
  • Identifies MPG, MPEG, MOV, WMA, WMV, ASF or OGG/OGM if an unknown non-AVI file is examined
  • Shows RIFF INFO (title, etc) if present, including hidden ASCII in the "JUNK" field
  • Easy to use ("File > Load" and you're done)
  • Microscopic footprint - download size only 29KB
  • Free for personal use

Download link:


    • RealTime MainConcept Motion-JPEG Codec for Win32
    • - is a new website with an archive of all video codecs. It offers for free the download of the the latest codecs, besides you can also get here older codecs. All files are working, free of viruses and were offered from our server. And it's all free, you don't have to registrate or pay for any download!

      PIM1 - Pinnacle DC1000 32-bit AVI Codec v.2.0
      IV30, IV31, IV32, (AEIK) - Indeo R3.2
      IV40, IV41, IV45 - Indeo V4.51
      IV50 - Indeo V5.11
      IR21, RT21, (YVU9) - Indeo R2.1 (16BIT)
      AP41 - Angelpotion v1.00 build 702
      XVID, (3IVX?) - XviD MPEG-4 Codec (11/25/02 build)
      MP43 - MS-MPEG-4v3 codec fix (Win9x/NT4)
      tag 2000 / 8192 - Audio Codec: AC3 wave format
      tag 161 / 353 - Audio Codec: DivX ;-) Audio Compressor
      tag 55 / 85 - Audio Codec: MPEG Layer-3 Codec

    • - Codecs direct Downloads
    • DivX - DivX Codec

      DivX is the name of a revolutionary new video codec which is based on the new MPEG-4 compression standard for video. When you install a video codec on your system it basically works as an add-on to your system with instructions how to compress/decompress video in that video format. Once you've installed the DivX codec on your system you will be able to play DivX movies using Windows Media Player or any other DivX-enabled player.
      Despite the fact that DivX movies offer better compression and higher quality video then regular MPEG movies they take less time to encode due to the incredible compression technology. The DivX codec makes it possible to compress/encode a full-length movie at near DVD-quality that's small enough to fit on a single CD (700MB). The DivX video is usually combined with MP3 audio to produce both high quality video and audio.

    • Mega CoDecS Pack - This pack contain lot of CoDecS and ActiveX FilterS (for Media Player based players).

      3ivx CoDec
      420 CoDec
      Adaptec DVSoft CoDec
      ASUS Video CoDec V1
      ASUS Video CoDec V2
      ATI VCR 1 Format [VCR1] CoDec
      ATI VCR 2 Format [VCR2] CoDec
      ATI YV12 Planar Format CoDec
      Autodesk FLI/FLC CoDecS
      Avid AVI CoDec
      AVImszh CoDec
      AVIzlib CoDec
      Aware MotionWavelets Video Codec
      Brooktree Prosumer Video CoDec (BT20 and Y41P)
      Canopus DV Audio CoDec
      Canopus Software DV CoDec (CDVC)
      Canopus Software DV CoDec (DVSD)
      Cinepack CoDec
      Darim Vision DVMPEG Audio CoDec
      Darim Vision DVMPEG Video CoDec
      DivX 3.2
      DivX 4.12
      DPS AVI CoDec
      DPS Video Capture CoDec
      DSP Group TrueSpeech Audio CoDec
      Etymonix MPEG-2 I-frame CoDec
      Forward MJPEG CoDec
      Forward Uncompressed CoDec
      FullMotionVideo Decoder
      Gabest GLZW Video CoDec
      Gabest GPEG Video CoDec
      Huffyuv LossLess [HFYU] CoDec
      Indeo 3.2 CoDec
      Intel I.263 CoDec
      Intel Indeo 3.1 and 3.2 CoDec Intel Indeo RAW R2.1 CoDec
      Intel Indeo Video iYUV R2.0 CoDec
      Intel Indeo Video RAW R1.2 CoDec
      Intel Music Coder CoDec
      Lame MP3 Encoder ACM CoDec
      Lernout&Hauspie Codecs Audio CoDec
      MainConcept DV Software CoDec
      MainConcept Motion JPEG Video CoDec
      Matrox Software DV and DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 CoDec
      Matrox Software DV/DVCPRO/DVCPRO50 CoDec
      Matrox Software MJPEG CoDec
      Matrox Software MPEG-2 I-Frame CoDec
      Microsoft Adaptive PCM Audio CoDec
      Microsoft ADPCM Audio CoDec

      Microsoft G.711 Audio CoDec
      Microsoft G.723.1 Audio CoDec
      Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CoDec
      Microsoft H.261 CoDec
      Microsoft H.263 and 420 CoDec
      Microsoft H.263 CoDec ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft H261 CoDec ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft MPEG-4 Video CoDec
      Microsoft RLE CoDec
      Microsoft UYVY and YUY2 and YVYU CoDec
      Microsoft Video1 CoDec
      Miro-XL 32 Video CoDec
      Morgan Multimedia (TVMJ/FLJP) LSI M-JPEG CoDec
      Morgan Multimedia MJPEG 2000 CoDec
      Morgan Multimedia MJPEG CoDec
      MPEG Layer-3 Professional Audio CoDec
      MPEG-4 Video CoDec
      Newtek HDTV CoDec
      Ogg Vorbis Audio CoDec
      On2 VP3 CoDec
      Open DivX 5.02
      Panasonic DV CoDec
      Paradigm Matrix M-JPEG CoDec
      Pegasus PICVideo Lossless JPEG CoDec
      Pegasus PICVideo MJPEG CoDec
      Pegasus Wavelet 2000 CoDec
      Pinnacle DV25 CoDec
      Pinnacle ReelTime CoDec
      Prosumer Video CoDec (Y41P)
      QDesign MPEG Audio CoDec
      REALmagic MPEG-4 Video CoDec
      Rududu CoDec
      Sipro Lab Telecom Audio CoDec
      Sony ATRAC3 Audio CoDec
      Sony Software DV CoDec
      TechSmith Screen Capture CoDec
      Tekram YUV CoDec
      Toshiba YUV CoDec
      VFAPI Reader CoDec
      Video Server Wrapper Audio/Video CoDec
      Videum WNV1 CoDec
      WMA Audio CoDec
      YUV2 CoDec
      YVYU CoDec
      3ivx D4 CoDec

      ActiveX Filters

      AC3 ActiveX Filter
      AC3/MP3 File Source ActiveX Filter
      Bicubic Resizer
      CyberLink Audio ActiveX Filter
      CyberLink Audio Effect ActiveX Filter
      CyberLink DVD Navigation ActiveX Filter
      CyberLink Video/SP ActiveX Filter
      Darim Vision MPEG-1/2 Decoder ActiveX Filter
      DeDynamic ActiveX Filter
      Direct VobSub
      DirectShow Filter Enumerator
      DirectSound 3D Renderer ActiveX Filter
      DivX 3.2
      DivX 4.12
      DivX AntiFreeze ActiveX Filter
      DivX scene-detect patch
      DPS Media Conversion
      Elecard Async sample ActiveX Filter
      Elecard MPEG2 Demultiplexor ActiveX Filter
      Elecard MPEG2 Stream Demultiplexer ActiveX Filter
      Elecard MPEG2 Trimmer ActiveX Filter
      Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder ActiveX Filter
      Elecard PIM2 Null ActiveX Filter
      Elecard Sync2Async ActiveX Filter
      File Dump ActiveX Filter
      FullMotionVideo Decoder
      I-Media AVI Renderer ActiveX Filter
      I-Media Multi-MPEG2-Source ActiveX Filter
      Intel Indeo Audio ActiveX Filter
      Intel Indeo Video 4.5 ActiveX Filter
      InterVideo Audio Decoder ActiveX Filter
      LAME MPEG Layer III Audio Encoder Filter
      Ligos MPEG Audio Decoder ActiveX Filter

      Ligos MPEG Video Decoder ActiveX Filter
      Ligos MPEG-2 Parser ActiveX Filter
      Ligos MPEG-2 Splitter ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft H.263 CoDec ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft H261 CoDec ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft MPEG4 Video Decompressor ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft Screen Video Decompressor ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft Windows Media Audio
      Microsoft Windows Media Audio
      Microsoft Windows Media Audio Decoder ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft Windows Media Video Decoder 8 ActiveX Filter
      Microsoft Windows Media Video Decoder ActiveX Filter
      Moonlight DumpPos ActiveX Filter
      Moonlight MPEG2 Multiplexer ActiveX Filter
      Moonlight Odio Dekoda DirectShow Filter
      Moonlight WinDivX
      Morgan Multimedia MJPEG
      Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher ActiveX Filter
      MPEG Layer 2 Audio Decoder ActiveX Filter
      MPEG Layer 3 Decoder ActiveX Filter
      MPEG-2 Splitter AC3 ActiveX Filter
      Open DivX 5.02
      Scalar ActiveX Filter
      Scalar DirectShow Filter
      TrueMotion Decompressor ActiveX Filter
      Universal AC3-MPEG Audio Layer 2-3 Decoder Filter
      WAV-Dest ActiveX Filter
      AAC Decoder ActiveX Filter
      DVD2AVI Source ActiveX Filter
      ffdshow ActiveX Filter

  • Nimo Codec Pack - a collection of codecs, filters and tools that you'll find useful. A lite version of this pack is also available, which contains only the most frequently used codecs and filters.

    Coder & decoder Divx 4.12 Build 307 (Project Mayo)(DivX).
    Coder & decoder DivX V3.11a (3.11Alpha Low Motion)(Div3) for playing old compressed movies.
    Coder & decoder DivX v3.11a (3.11Alpha Fast Motion)(Div4) for playing old compressed movies.
    Coder & decoder DivX WMA Audio V4.2 (Standard)(divxa32).
    Coder & decoder MPEG-Layer 3 Audio V4.2 (Professional)(l3acm), With control panel icon.
    Decoder for AC3 Audio V2.2.
    Coder & decoder MS MPEG-4 (For ASF/DivX Conversion)(mpg4,mp42,mp43).
    Filters for Vob playback in Windows Media Player: MPEG Parser ActiveX filter MPEG Decoder ActiveX filter
    MS-MPEG4 ActiveX filter
    DivX V3.2 ActiveX filter
    DivX V4.0 ActiveX filter
    DivX AC3 Prologic ActiveX filter
    The : InterVideo Audio Dec! oder ActiveX filter (No limit time)
    The MS Mpeg Original codec (Microsoft)
    The New MPEG-2 Splitter AC3 XForm
    The New Ligos MPEG-2 Splitter
    The Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher (To change the audio stream in WMP)
    I-Media Multi-MPEG2-Source
    MPEG Layer-2 Audio Decoder
    MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM
    DivX AntiFreeze Filter (No more freezed movies)
    DirectSound 3D Renderer (with help files)

    Cyberlink PowerDVD 3.0 Audio Decoder
    Ogg Vorbis Audio codec for MSACM (Lame mp3)
    Windows Media Audio Codec
    Lame MP3 Encoder ACM Codec
    3ivx Delta 3.5 Codec for QuickTime Windows and the pluging for flask
    Plug-ins for Flask: Panasonic MPEG 1, LSX MPEG 1 or MPEG2
    The New Mpeg2dec DLL And the New Avisynth 1.05 MMX Dll for fast Frameserving
    The New SimpleResize filter! for Avisynth
    The New Lame MP3 Encoder ACM 0.3.0
    The New Directshow Bicubic Resizer 1.3
    The New Playa 0.6.6
    The New DivX AntiFreeze Filter 0.4
    The New Sub Station Alpha v2.x/4.x
    The New Moonlight Odio Dekoda
    The New Moonlight Scalar Filter
    The New Subtitle Picture Decoder
    The New DynEQ DirectShow filter
    The New DivX G400 Filter ver 2.7
    The New DivFix 1.06 with Source Code
    The Logo plug-in for VirtualDub and Nandub
    The New Fraunhofer Vob Filters
    The New Fraunhofer Mp3 codec

The best results today are the ON2, Morgan and DivX 4.0 CoDecs.
Almost all others we scrapped as relaiable CoDecs because of their unpredictable behaviour.

Here a list of codecs for proffesionals approved by the broadcast companies:

  • HuffYUV v.2.1.1 or later ( ) Lossless compression
  • Divx 3.x, 4.x, 5.2 or later ( ) MPEG 4
  • MJPEG codec ( ) Fast codec; trial version vailable.
  • MPEG 2 encoders (e.g. MainConcept, Tsunami)
  • ON2 Open source Codec VP 3.2 ( ) , Very good!
  • ON2 VP 7 Codec for non commercial use ( ), Very good!
  • Microsoft Windows Media codecs ( ) incl. Windows Media Audio 9, Windows Media Audio 9 Voice, Windows Media Video 7, 8, and 9,
  • Windows Media Video 9 Screen, Microsoft MPEG-4 versies 1, 2, and 3
  • ISO MPEG-4 versies 1 and 1.1.
  • Latest K-Lite Codec Pack ( ) contains 99% of all codecs.
  • Xvid 1.01 of later ( ) MPEG 4 (open source)