Join Our Affiliate Program & Make Money!

Have a web site and want to be our reseller or affiliate? Now you can get an extra income by joining our pay-per-sale program. You will receive commission 35% of products price! For example, somebody comes to our site from your one to download "AVD Graphic Studio" you promote. He downloads it and, after some time (up to 2 months!), he decides to register it. Immediately when he buys it you get $10.48! So if you have referred 1000 people, who bought "AVD Graphic Studio", you get impressive $10480! Good addition for your salary.

AVLANDesign.com Affiliate Program is an HONEST way to earn GOOD money.

Just follow these steps:

1. How do I get started?

Join Regnow's affiliate program. You will receive an affiliate ID# shortly after your request is approved (usually it 24 hours).

2. How do I add my affiliate links?

Select the product you want to sell and then insert the appropriate HTML code into your web site.

There are two methods which you can use to referrer the customer to product information. 
Each of them is described in details below.

Link to AVLANDesign.com Homepage
This method referrers a customer directly to our homepage. When a customer clicks a link on your website first, we record the visit along with your affiliate id, and then send a customer to our homepage. By recording the information of a customer while he is visiting, we are able to give you credit for the order even if a customer orders the product months later from another website. The link you should use for this method is:


Link to the Product's Order Form
This method referrers a customer directly to the product's order form. This method also records a customer's visit even if he decides to order lately, you will still receive credit for the sale. The link you should use for this method is:

https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=Product ID&affiliate=XXXX

Link to the direct download
This method redirects a customer to instant download the program file. RegNow's script will record your affiliate ID in client's cookies. Such method combines effectiveness of cookie-based affiliate linking and advantages of direct file download link:


* replace "XXXX" with your 4 or 5 numbers affiliate ID# (e.g. 4321).
* replace "Product ID" with the appropriate number from the table below.
* replace "PATH " with appropriate product's download link on our site 
   (see in
downloads area)



Product ID Commission
  AVD Graphic Studio (business) 5559-3 35% / $27.98
  AVD Graphic Studio (personal) 5559-3 35% / $10.48
  AVD Video Processor (business) 5559-2 35% / $20.98
  AVD Video Processor (personal) 5559-2 35% / $8.73
  AVD Volume Calculator (business) 5559-7 35% / $12.23
  AVD Volume Calculator (personal) 5559-7 35% / $6.98
  AVD FileList (business) 5559-8 35% / $10.48
  AVD FileList (personal) 5559-8 35% / $4.18
  AVD Slide Show (business) 5559-9 35% / $12.23
  AVD Slide Show (personal) 5559-9 35% / $4.18
  AVD Batch Converter (business) 5559-10 35% / $12.23
  AVD Batch Converter (personal) 5559-10 35% / $5.23

Your earnings can be: from $4.18 to $27.98 for one product. See prices for software.

3. You will receive the commission if one of your site's visitors clicks the link and purchases the product.

4. Important:
If you are owner of site archive, screen savers collection site, or just home page, you may add the link looks like:

a. "Click here to obtain more information about AVD Graphic Studio". 
b. "
Download Now - AVD Graphic Studio". 

User goes over this link to RegNow site, then RegNow makes a cookie on user's machine. 
This means you will receive your $10.48 anyway! When user will make a decision of buying "AVD Graphic Studio".

5. How do I get paid?

Your check will be sent out by RegNow.com every month if you reach the $100 minimum balance requirement. If you prefer direct deposit, you can even instruct RegNow.com to wire or direct deposit the money into your bank account!

RegNow is the biggest software registration service in the world.

6. Contractually, we can discuss special higher commission for you!

I have a question about your program

Questions about the affiliate program should be directed to support@avlandesign.com 



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